Ready to start trading with Sterling Trader® Pro powered by Lime? We’ve prepared a checklist to guide you through opening your account.

Step 1

Check the account requirements for a Sterling Trader® Pro account:

  • $30,000 minimum or higher required to open the account

  • $25,000 maintained balance in day trading account to meet regulatory requirement

Step 2

Review the pricing and fees:

  • Platform fee $230/month + market data fees

  • First 500,000 shares at $.0030

  • Next 500,000 at $.0025

    • Commission tiers are reset monthly

Step 3

View the document checklist and apply

Step 4

Fund the account — we’ll email you funding instructions

Step 5

Set up your account:

  • If you have used Sterling Trader® Pro with another brokerage firm, learn how to migrate your setup

Want to speak to a representative?

We are happy to help guide you through the Sterling Trader Pro account set up process or answer any questions you might have.

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